Tay Valley Credit Union

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Loan Products

We offer a range of loan to our members from as little as £150, up to £5000, for new members or members with a low savings balance.  Members with savings in the credit union may apply for larger loans based on the amount of their savings. 

Standard Loan - Members may apply for a Standard Loan for any amount between £150 and £5000.  Members do not require a minimum share balance to apply for a standard loan. 

Savers Loan - Members who have a savings balance with the credit union of over £1000 may apply for a loan of up to five times their savings balance up to a maximum of £15,000.

All our loans come with competitive rates of interest. It is a condition of a credit union loan that members must continue to save whilst they are repaying a loan.  This means that members will have more in their savings after they have repaid their loan and, dependent on the savings balance, can use these savings to apply for a larger loan next time if required.

To find out further details of our Standard and Member Saver loan please follow the links shown below.


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